Historical Metrology and a Reconsideration of the Toltec Module


By Gregory Vogel


Published in Southeastern Arcaeology 2006, Vol. 25, pp. 6-19



Figures and Tables




































Figure 1. Sherrod and Rolingson's (1987:37, Figure 9) map of the Toltec Mounds site, showing the location of mounds, the embankment, and Toltec Module distances radiating from the center of Mound A.  Tick marks on lines are 95 m (2 x the Toltec Module). 





























































Table 1.  Distances presented by Sherrod and Rolingson as corresponding to Toltec Module distances (Sherrod and Rolingson 1987:39, Table 3).














Figure 2.  Diagram of the propagation of error as employed by Sherrod and Rolingson.  Because the 10% margin of error is applied to the entire distance being measured, it becomes larger with each TM increment.  At a distance of 5 TM, the margin of error equals 1 TM, and it becomes impossible to find any measurement which is not within 10% of the 'error'. 






















Figure 3.  Mound B at the Toltec Mounds site, facing northeast.  The break in slope angle represents the upper limits of slope wash; the mound has likely been altered both above and below this point.



































Figure 4.  GIS model of the Toltec Mounds site showing mound and mound center point locations.



































Figure 5.  TM increments (+/- 2 m) as measured from the edge of Mound A.  Of the area within the embankment (shaded area), 8% is covered by a TM multiple.