Papers, Interviews, etc. Intended for a General Audience


Selections from an occasional newspaper column, 2007 - 2009


These columns were published in the Calhoun News Herald, the Jersey County Journal, the Greene Prairie Press, and occasionally in the St. Lois Post-Dispatch. 


Deep time and deep water on the Illinois River (on flooding and levees) 14 May 2007


Saving our history, one stone at a time (historic cemeteries) 28 February 2007


Dating advice from an archaeologist (archaeological dating in honor of Valentine's Day) 13 February 2008


Earthquake archaeology (on the New Madrid seismic events of 1811-1812) 7 May 2008


A window on all time (concerning a historic images/repeat photography project) 10 September 2008



Handouts and guided readings for students


Sixty thousand years at SIUE: Lewis E. Lawes and the interdisciplinary imperative.

(An essay and guided reading for students in interdisciplinary classes)


The brief duration of human life and our limited powers.

(Short essay and guided reading on Charles Lyell and the importance of the past.)


Cemetery recording exercise.

(A field-based exercises appropriate for grade school through high school students.  Includes a 4-page worksheet with basic questions, and tips suggestions for more advanced groups.)




Selections from radio interviews, 2008 - 2011


The following interviews are from a morning news/talk show I appeared on with Craig Baalman on WJBM 1480 AM (Jerseyville, Illinois). 


               Historic cemeteries: laws, St. Johannes Cemetery and O'Hare Airport. 7 February 2011 (13 min.)



               Prehistoric monsters and the Piasa Bird. 1 November 2010 (13 min.)



               Prairie burns past and present. 8 March 2010 (12 min.)



               Epidemics of the past. 5 May 2009 (14 min.)




Other papers etc. intended for a general audience.


Interview concerning the 2010 SIUE archaeological field school


Earthworms and archaeology

Paper written for Worm Digest concerning, of course, earthworms and archaeology.


Charles Darwin yelled at worms! (It's true!)